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  1. the artist in question will remain anonymous for now. So on September 19th, 2019, a decently popular artist and fursuit maker asked for someone to buy them copic markers in trade for something they can create. I messaged them and we came to an agreement on the trade; I was to buy them $350 worth of copic markers, sent to their address, and in return I would get a custom clay sculpture of my partner’s fursona. It is June 28th, 2020 as of writing this, and I have gotten next to nothing in return as of late. The original transaction was on Amino, where they were decently popular. After they had confirmed they received the markers, they fell off the face of the earth on Amino has a whole. It took me MONTHS to find them again, on twitter, through some pretty impressive internet investigations on my part. I came in contact with them again on 30th of January, 2020. I didn’t appreciate them vanishing on me like that, but hey whatever I found them again and that’s all that matters... but it’s been about 6 months since I’ve been in contact with them and I’ve gotten close to nothing. I felt bad because I assumed Covid was impeding on their workflow, so I decreased the trade to some artwork for my partner and I. The only thing I’ve gotten is a very rough wip sketch so far. would it be unreasonable to put my foot down with them? I know it’s just a trade, but I put in $350 with the promise of something in return and I’ve gotten nothing. They’ve been making personal merchandise and fursuits this whole time, too. I have trouble standing up for myself and I’ve never had to do something like this so I’m just looking for advice.
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