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  1. Yeah, I never felt confident in doing art commissions so I only truly plan on selling adoptables. I knew they weren't international, and that's their only downfall to make it unfavorable in comparison to Paypal.I appreciate the answer !
  2. Hi! So I'm pretty new to the furry community, but not new to art. I am interested in selling adoptables at some point ( and also buying ! ) but I see majority of furry artists use Paypal. Unfortunately, I am banned from Paypal and can not use it at all to buy or sell anything, as they've restricted my account and I can't unlink my card to the banned account or link it to a new account. My question is: Is Venmo and/or Cashapp secure not only for the artist but for the buyer as well and does the community trust those apps / artists who use those apps? I don't desperately need to sell adopts but I would love to in the future, but can not use Paypal at all. Any advice would be great and appreciated ❤️
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