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  1. I saw what you wrote about UWW  and I began to cry so hard and wished I knew this sooner. I spent $200 and the way he does business felt like He is putitng preasure on me!..
    Something I should have noticed with a red flag. He said he needed the money but then afterwards I cried after noticing he is stalling.

    it has been a month so far and he claimed he got this artwork down. BUt so much problems and excuses came that it became unprofessional.

    THIS IS for a $200 sketch!..and now I am crying. 

    I wanted to say thank you for the warning but I felt it was too little, too late. IT has been a month after this so I already requested VENMO for help.

    What I wanted to ask from you is, HOW do you cope with this pain? or the aftermath?.  You are so calmed and felt like it hasn't hurt you compare to me who has ;_;!.

    Thank you again and I hope to hear from you


    He uses the "my mother is dead" trick.. and last year he used " my father is dead" trick to my friend. 

    and to think I made friends with him too!

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