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  1. Hey everyone. Wasn't sure where to post this but opted for the sub-forum. I need some advice on how to tackle a rather tricky situation. Back in 2017, I helped out a (now ex) friend who was in financial crisis by purchasing one of their characters for a rather large sum of money, paid in installments. Fastforward about a year later (so, 2018), and this friend and I have become an item of sorts. They are struggling to come up with a new 'sona and I eventually take pity on them and tell them they can use their old character, even if it's still mine. We talked about a sort of co-ownership. During this one year since purchase, I've invested quite a lot of money in additional art of said character. Now let's fastforward about... 10 months or so, to the start of 2019. Things have fallen through between us. I confront them about giving me back the character I purchased, but my request is completely ignored. Fastforward to today (as in, this month) and they have now gone and sold the character AGAIN. I have yet to find out for how much, but I imagine a hefty sum. The person who bought the character this time around had no idea of previous on-goings. My question is... What should I do? Does this validate a full A_B post? For the record, what I want, what I see as an ideal result, is that I get my money back, and that the person (whose name will not be mentioned) who recently purchased the character will retain full ownership once that's all settled. Thanks for reading.
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