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  1. Hi there, first thanks for taking the time to check out my post! I'm going to give ya some backstory so that you can get a better overall picture of the situation before proposing some ideas. I'm very inexperienced in the realm of commissions and I'm a bit unsure on how to proceed. When we first commissioned the artist for emotes, we had only very slight delays but the communication was there and they did fulfill their end of the bargain. As of this last commission though, being our first and now going to be our only group commission, it's been an absolute pain. Our group originally had someone we thought we could trust to handle managing the commission and stay in communication with the artist to be sure things stayed on track. The person in question though would lie to us though, saying things were on track and no actual progress was made for 6 months by the actual artist. The original manager left the group and I decided to take over. Things started off decently, but overall progress has been an absolute pain. I was initially too forgiving and told them that extensions were fine, but they would keep pushing back things over and over. The artist, to be fair, is very slowly completing our groups commission but between the starting time (June 24th, 2020) to now has been absolutely unacceptable. While I can't do really anything for my own groups commission since we're way past the option to have Paypal help us, I do want to warn others about the artist. I've been able to track down a good bit of other commissioners through the artists Trello, and thus I have the following inquiries: Would it be a bad idea to contact the commissioners and warn them about the artist? Should I apply for a caution/beware first and depending on that outcome then talk to the commissioners? If/when the caution's processed, would it be a bad idea to post it on every platform the artist has access to? What do you believe would be the best approach for this situation? I'm still not sure what the exact best course of action would be in this situation, and hell it's possible that after the content has been reviewed by the team here that I'm in the wrong here. No matter what the outcome may be though, I appreciate anyone and everyone who's taken the time to read my post as well as for those who have replied!
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