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  1. I recently sold my Talon cosplay from Borderlands 3 (which was a fursuit). Originally I was asking for £200 because I needed space and money. Client asked if I was willing to take £150 (+ 10 postage) and I agreed. This morning I scroll through my feed to find they have re-listed my fursuit, completely unedited and with no credit on either the photos or the actual item and being sold for £275. Needless to say I feel very ripped off and undercut. I spent a lot of time on that suit and it now feels like I have been taken advantage of which downright sucks. I have now also discovered she is claiming credit for making him. Also during the buying process I was harassed every day about postage when I explained I work during the week so it may be a while till I post it and I will update as and when it would be shipped out. They also claimed to lose the chat? So I had to re-send photos. I even fixed up and added some new details/ made a digital badge completely FREE. Anyway, evidence attached.
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