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  1. UPDATE On February 3rd 2020, the artist reappeared on Twitter, publishing a thread of tweets in which they apologized for the sudden disappearence, mentioning serious IRL problems as the cause of it. The artist says that they will be slowly answering everyone's messages and offering refunds (throught a future form) for those who want it, just asking for a little more of patience in return for this to happen while reorganizing with IRL stuff. By the time of this update, the artist has yet to answer any of my messages but in regards of the current situation, I guess I'll have to keep waiting some more. Thread of artist's tweets:
  2. What bothers me the most here is the complete lack of communication. Like, I know they have gone throught some difficult stuff during 2019 and, if they need to go AFK for a time (for whaterver reason), at least let their commissioners now about it before hand. I'm not asking full details but just something to be sure they'll come back eventually. The sad irony it's I had the same experience with the same artist years ago (they delivered though but still, not a fun experience).
  3. On January 10th 2019, the artist opened commissions on twitter throught a google form, I sent a form asking for an icon commission. On January 14th 2019, I received and paid the invoice on Paypal. After that, on January 17th 2019, my commission info was added to the artist's Trello page. Little to none activity is shown in their Trello regarding my commission during the rest of the year. On November 16th 2019, I try to contact the artist on their Twitter asking why is taking so long with my commission and if there's any sketch I could see as a progress (if any) but I get no answer. On November 19th 2019, my commission shows some activity on their Trello, with the cheklist's items "Roguh sketch" and "Final sketch" completed. After that update, until this day, the artist hasn't showed any sign of activity in their Trello or Twitter. On January 11th and January 23th 2020, I tried to contact them again, asking what's going on? Why the lack of activity, is everything ok and what's the situation with my commission but I haven't got any answer from them so far. I don't know what's going to be honest. Before November, the artist was constantly to somewhat active, delivering commissions (kinda at a slow pace though imo) and taking some more from time to time but then, without warning, they just disappeared; no announcement, no responses, no other way to contact them, nothing. I know there has been some people looking for them too, also for pending commissions. I don't want to think bad of the artist but this doesn't look good for them. At this point I just want my commission soon or my money back (along with an explanation if possible). IMAGE PROOF Publicity of commissions Paypal invoice Trello activity of commission First attempt to contact the artist on Twitter, Nov 16th 2019 Second attempt to contact hte artist on Twitter, Jan 11th 2020 Thrid attempt to contact the artist on Twitter, Jan 23th 2020 https://imgur.com/mQa5eK
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