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3+ years wait and artist has vanished.

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Hello first time using an AB site. I want to get advice before I consider writing a beware, because I know many people are upset at this artist too... 

Basically, I commissoned this artist in the past and I was quoted roughly 4 months wait. I was fine with that. I'm a patient person. I did get my comic commisson in 4-5 months as promised and the work was so good I was prompted to buy again when the artist reopened his almost finished queue.

Now this is where things get bad. After sending payment and explaining what Id like I was put into the queue and...That was it. For a while year I had no contact. But I stayed patient.

Fast forward I believe May 2018ish?? The attist posted ab update saying he was cancelling all commissins and refunding everyone unless you gave him artistic freedom. I was about to ask for a refund until he changed his mind again and said hed only br refunding people who commissoned hardcore gore and will not change their commission. This did upset a lot of people in the comments.

I sent a form as requested and I was approved to have my comm done. Maybe this should've been my warning to get a refund but given what ew updates we got off the artist were 'i cant afford rent'/'i have to move out' i  felt maybe it was worth just waiting.

That was nearly 8 months ago. I emailed the artist a month ago asking for an update and Ive still heard nothing back. Im quite a passive person, but i paid a lot of money have had no contact in nearly 3 years and his FA account has been quiet for nearly a year now. Is it time to write a beware...? 

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5 minutes ago, Celestina said:


Yes.  It's about time to do so.

Thank you, ill start gathering screenshots needed and get it written. 

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