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I know the in's and out's when it comes to commissioning artist, but what I don't know is what to do in situation like this.

October 6th, I sent 120$ for a fullbody commissioned from this artist. Because I am using boosty, any sources of refund sounds kinda impossible, unless I go to the costumer service, which I heard automatically blocks the account if you dare ask. Anyway, on November 10th, I was returning to the artist in regards to monthly update, as I often avoid weekly or biweekly updates. 9 days passed, no answer, I decided to go on FA - no answer. This artist is actively reposting on VK and twitter, but offline for telegram for a week now. As of November 26th, their telegram shows they were online recently and yet again, no answer and sent my 4th and final messages. I just don't want to be scammed. 

Please tell me what's the next steps or what I should do. Currently asking other artist friends.

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So it can be tough given the nature of Boosty.  Filing a chargeback will get your account closed and doesn't guarantee that you will get your money back.  You can, however, get a refund from the artist but it would have to be supplied voluntarily.  You would have to convert your boosty account to a creator account, and then they can send you your money back.  Unfortunately, that doesn't solve the issue of them simply not seeing your messages.


One final option would be the messaging feature on Boosty.  Some artists have it on.  Some have it off.  It's located on the profile page for the artist.  You can also comment on any posts that they have provided they have a public post that you can leave a comment on.  Boosty emails comments, so unless they're also not checking their email, they shouldn't miss that.

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