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2023 Big Updates!


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HOWDY EVERYONE, we're back! 


 We are both a little premature and late all at once.  Sadly, due to real life circumstances we weren't able to complete everything we set out to do before relaunch, but we did complete a lot of it.



First and foremost, we're welcoming two new members to our staff:  @MonicaVix and @AndorDrakon!  They're strictly queue staff members, so please don't send them DMs.




Second, thanks to the concentrated efforts of @MonicaVix, we are happy to announce that the archiving of the Livejournal Community is finally completed and tagged.

-  Posts that did not adhere to our current standards were NOT brought over, but they are archived in the Livejournal and over on a mirror at Dreamwidth.

-  If you have an update to your post, please fill out a comment on said post or fill out a Help Ticket to contact a member of staff.




Third, we will be retiring the Advertisement system.  We are grateful for those who chose to support the site in this manner, but due to lack of overall use, we will no longer be accepting advertisements.  Instead, we are looking to use these spots to uplift services and members of our community that we feel could use advertisement space.


Instead we will be opening up a merchandise shop where users can nab stickers, t-shirts, and other such things designed by myself or other members of our staff.  All proceeds will go towards site operation and maintenance.  This was one of the items I was unable to get to due to time constraints, but it will be introduced at a later date.


Fourth, you may notice a few extra databases in our menu!  Introducing:





Because individual scammers change names often, we rejected posts concerning them.  Not only would trying to keep up with these individuals be impossible, but more like them will fill the spot of every individual who was "taken down".  So, in order to combat this, we've decided to establish a database that instead shows scam examples submitted by you, our readers.  Please keep an eye out on our social media accounts for when we put out calls for examples of scams.


Site Help and Ticket System

Two new items on the menu are the "site help" and "ticket system".  Site Help is a collection of articles that will aid users in how to use the site, contact staff, and how to conduct themselves while here.

Meanwhile, as the third party software we are using is retiring the Support Ticket system, we've decided to enact our own.  Currently it cannot accept posts from those without an account, but our DMs on twitter and my site email james @ (url) are still open to guests to email us.


New Leaf Program


Do you have a beware on you?  Or is there a beware on someone you know?  Have you or they resolved their posts and been out of trouble since?  Introducing our New Leaf program.  Bewares by those who have been out of trouble for a year or more are welcome to send us a message to our ticket system indicating as such.  All of their posts will be granted the New Leaf tag, showing that they have turned over a New Leaf.  Admission into the program will be handled on the honor system, and you can lose your New Leaf designation if we receive a new beware on you.  This both encourages clients to come forward and bewarees to resolve their posts.

To qualify for the new program you must:

-  Have all pending bewares marked as resolved.

-  Must have had no reports in one year.


And lastly, you may have noticed that we have a new site theme!  Wow!!  Updates to it will continue as I have time, but the majority of the updates to the layout is completed.


If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, feel free to leave them below. 

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