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Artist hasn't logged in for 14 days


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I commissioned an artist on Toyhouse on Jan 24th and really quickly got a wip on the 25th, then I paid. I didn't hear from the artist for a few days after that, which didn't bother me. They were consistently logged in (Toyhouse has a tab that shows how recently they were active), but then they just kind of vanished.

It's been two weeks since they've logged in at all and I'm starting to get worried. They don't have any other active socials linked and I've had an experience with an artist ghosting me and vanishing off the platform before so I am a bit paranoid.

I just want to know how long I should wait before trying to contact them through email considering that's the only other way I could attempt contact besides toyhouse.


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  • Senior Staff

If you are an active toyhouse user, it has been known by the community that the online activity indicator is not accurate in reference to their on-site activity at all.

It is not as reliable as some users would like to make it out to be.

You have not elapsed a month since this commission was initiated, and it is my recommendation to give them more time before jumping to conclusions.

If you elapse three months without communication? It would be more of a cause for concern, but much of the community of toyhouse is made up of young freelancers that skew underage, or may be students. It is entirely possible that their life outside of toyhouse got a bit busy after starting your piece.

Personally speaking, it is too soon to go to the worst case scenario, even as someone who has experienced multiple commissioned artists ghosting me in the past.

Another thing I will note, is that the email utilized to pay the individual is a valid means of communication. For some reason, with this current crop of artists and commissioners, it is seen as a 'violation of privacy' but the email itself is used for the processing of the payment via direct pay via Paypal or if they utilize invoices. You are not overstepping your bounds in using information that was directly provided to you in the transaction.

That email is fair game to use for communications, so it would be wise to use that as your back up just in case.

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