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Buying/selling art against boosty ToS? Being refused refund, anything I can do?


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I commissioned a base custom design nearing 3 months ago, the artist is Russian and used Boosty in order to take payment. 

I paid, they said it would be done the following weekend. I wasn't in a huge rush or anything, so the weekend goes by and I waited a bit extra to reach out. 

Artist explains work has been busy, they'd get it to me "in september" which is vague, but whatever. I did check up 16 days ago now, the message has not even been opened. The artist has..essentially ghosted me. I don't mind being patient, but they HAVE been online, and have been posting adopts for sale, so they're still around. 

The issue comes into play with the fact I used boosty to pay them, I used paypal via boosty, so I put in a refund request through paypal.

Boosty replies to the ticket, they say their ToS does NOT allow buying and selling art, they immediately ban my boosty account for buying art (funny enough the artists account which still claims they're selling art on there is still up) and tell me they refuse to give me a refund.

I replied back with more evidence and such, but.. I'm pretty sure im out of luck.

Any suggestions on where to go now? I don't think I'll see that commission OR my money ever again and this whoel situation has made me very wary of ever using boosty again due to this if they even do unban my account. 

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