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Needing advice on refund issues

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I had a commission that has been "up next for refund" for a while, but I purchased the commission back in 1/02/2020.

The artist in question has been using a third party manager to handle their transactions, although it seems like they have been through 2 people? It just feels weird and makes me worried I've been scammed 100 USD.

Another detail I will also mention is they have been banned from using Paypal, yet advertise more openings and trades for OCs, selling OCs, adopts, etc.


I don't want to write a beware, so I decided to ask for advice instead. I last asked for an update to my refund (which I agreed to take 75 USD cause I did receive a sketch WIP) which I got the Paypal update from.

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Unfortunately, because you're out of the Paypal window you're really only left with three options:

-  Continue to remind them and wait.

-  Write a beware and hope that prompts them to refund you sooner.

-  Write it off as a loss.


Without IDing the artist, have they lost their Paypal due to too many claims put out against them?  If so it sounds like you may have unfortunately commissioned someone who is stuck in a cycle.  They need money for bills > they take on work to cover the bills > their prices are so low that they can't reasonably finish the work in time > the next billing cycle comes up and they're backlogged.

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