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Concerning Archiving


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We've recently learned some concerning news about Livejournal that has prompted our staff to make archiving a priority.  On top of LJ stating they will delete inactive accounts, recently their staff has gone silent and cross posting to LJ from DreamWidth no longer works.  Staff being silent is a big concern, so we don't want to delay any longer on archiving.


-  Why has archiving taken so long?

Archiving was admittedly on the back burner.  Our mods were handling it as they had spare time.  Most of this work can't be automated as Livejournal doesn't play nicely with attempts to pull from them.  Either posts didn't have dates on them or no tag information or both.

To add to that, some old posts prior to Dani/ Kayla-la's ownership didn't follow the guidelines we have now.  Or tags were handed out just because someone was mentioned, and not because they did anything wrong.  So each post prior to her ownership has to be rereviewed and censored when necessary before being brought over to the site.


-  Can't you keep the community active?

We can!  The issue is we don't know how LJ is going to delete accounts.  Will they just be strikethroughs like a standard deletion, or will it be a complete wipe?  We don't want to find out as posts disappear.


-  Can I help by porting in my own posts?

Please don't!  You'll confuse our mods. 


-  Can I help in any other way?

If you're a long time member of the old LJ and/or mutuals with me on twitter please reach out if you'd like to help archiving from Dani's ownership forward.  Those do not require us to review posts, and I need to be able to trust you to have temporary moderation abilities here on site.  I planned on compensating non-staff volunteers, and we can discuss it if you'd like to be compensated for your time.

Interested parties can reach me via on site PM or via my james @ artistsbeware.info email


-  What happens if LJ does delete entries?

The good news is we already have a complete port on site.  It's hidden with no dates and no tags.  Basically a complete mess, but it's there!  If push comes to shove, we can pull old posts from there.

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