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Need advice; popular plushy maker company giving the run around

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So the deal is that I ordered back in November a couple large, fairly expensive plushies from a pretty well known plushy company. They're fairly popular. And at the time they were running a deal in their shop, so I pre-ordered a couple plushies they had available.  They said the plushies were supposed to be shipped out at the end of november, or early december since when I ordered, that was the literal tail end of the pre-order time.

November came and went, and no one heard anything. SO December I reached out to confirm the shipping time, and they said yes. early December was still the expected shipment date. 

December came and went, I heard nothing. I waited until January to ask again. Between January 5th, and January 25th, I sent 5 DMS on twitter, basically begging them to answer me or give me SOME kind of update. they were incredibly active on twitter in the meantime, but just weren't answering DMS. 

January 26th I asked for a more exact ETA. They said they HAD most of the plushies received, but not all of them. 

I waited until February 15th to ask again, they told me they were shipping them out. They gave me a 2 week ETA. 

The end of March(the 29th) I messaged again for an update, and got no response. I had to bug them yet AGAIN to get them to answer. 

To which they finally gave me another ETA of 2-3 weeks. 

I have seen other people receiving their plushies from the same order. So they ARE shipping them out, but me and a LOT of others are still totally out of the loop. 

However, they have taken on like....3 new pre-order projects and gotten thousands of dollars from them and they havent even completed these past two pre-orders. 

Im just at a loss for what to do, and any kind of advice would be amazing..

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You have a few options at your disposal:

  • Cut your losses and demand a refund.  (If that fails, call your bank and force one.)
  • Go public with your issues and see if others also have the same problems.
  • Continue to wait.

It sounds like this is a company that uses manufacturers to produce their toys.  Shipment delays do happen, and larger items would have to be sent via boat.  So it could legitimately be that they're going slowly through their queue of customers.  It's going to be up to you if you're willing to continue waiting.

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