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Using Boosty.to


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Russian artists are moving to using Boosty.to.  The good news is that Boosty also works for Ukrainian artists, as Paypal doesn't function (normally).

Navigating to the site, click "Sign Up" which pops up this window:


We utilized a facebook account.


Once you get set up and confirm your account, you can start paying artists.  Please note, when I tested this the site did not accept Google Voice numbers.  I had to use my actual phone number.

The artist that you're paying will tell you how many RUB to send as the site only accepts RUB and not USD.  Paypal's currency converter is here.  Note: You have to be logged in to see it. 

You can either subscribe to an artist or add a "donation" to their pool.

Subscriptions act just like Patreon:



While a "goal" is set to a high number of RUB where you will submit your commission payment.




Once you hit "Pay" you will be able to choose where the funds will come from. 

Note:  Once you've chosen where the funds will come from, they will always come from there.  You may have to unlink and relink your Paypal in order to change this.




Some questions you didn't know you had:

Will I be charged an international fee for paying in RUB?

As far as I can tell, no.  The conversion takes place on Paypal, so when it hits your bank it will be in USD.



If I have to file a chargeback, will Paypal side with me or consider this a donation?

Because this form of payment is very new, there is no telling how Paypal will treat these.  These are listed as "donations" on site, so there is a chance that depending on if you use their automated system you may lose the case automatically.  Please be sure to call Paypal if you have troubles.


More info will be added here once I've tested with a bank card.

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