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Does filing a Paypal Dispute "freeze" the time to file a claim?


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Long story short, I commissioned and paid a high profile artist back in July for a half body commission. Four months later, with no communications since the initial commission info gathering. I've sent an email to ask for an update to no response, yet I see them active on social media. I still have two months left until the time to file a claim expires, so I want to be patient and give them more time before I give an ultimatum. 

What I want to know is, do I absolutely need to escalate to a claim before the 180 days expire? Or am I free to wait until the last day, open a dispute, and then wait for those 19 days and then escalate it to a claim? 

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I would not take any chances and wait til the absolute last day to file a dispute. If your correspondence is going ignored despite seeing activity, I'd go through with a claim sooner rather than later.

Personally? I send a final message expecting a response by a deadline (one week, or end of the month if inclined for leeway on a situation) before going through Paypal for further mediation.

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