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I'm not sure if I should do a beware on this artist

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So in short; Lack of updates, waited almost 2 years on commission, erased public queue which gave me red flags, and discovered she just turned 18 yo this year, when in december from 2019 I commissioned her a NSFW piece because that was the type of commissions being advertised, asked for a refund since 4 days ago and waiting.

I can provide screenshots and proof if needed, but one of the main reasons I don't want to make a beware it was because I didn't try to message her often either, I have a bad anxiety when it comes to texting someone since I feel I'm being annoying

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  • Administrator

Advice posts are to remain anonymous. You may not provide screenshots or any other identifiable information.

Aside from waiting for the refund or making a beware then there's no other options left for you. This is being closed as there's no other viable advice the community can offer you.

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