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Unable to get a refund


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So I commissioned an artist well over 2 years ago for 3 headshots for around $50. Only ever received one and for years I've been pestering this artist for a refund for the other two which we came to an agreement of $35 (added on extra for the delay). 

Their excuses are always 'I don't have commissions so I'll pay you back when I open them' but I have watched them post commissions on their Instagram and sell adopts this entire time. It's clear they are just hoping I 'forget' (which admittedly I have which is why it's went on for so long). I can only say 'sorry to be a pest' so many times, so is there any way I can ask for my money back in a polite manner, or is this just a lost cause? 

This likely qualifies as a beware but it was so long ago I don't have the necessary information to post one, and I feel like this is just a one-off (everyone else appears to be getting their commissions after all).

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