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Question regarding sharing unpublished work.

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Pretense I illustrate children's books and am currently freelance, however I am working on my portfolio so I can send off to agents. My current book i'm illustrating for a client I love the illustrations in it. Very colorful and eye catching, and just some of my best work. The book isn't finished/published yet. This was my first book (i've worked on others since this project started) and other than showing client my TOS and them okaying it there was no contract. Client never provided one either. I know there is an unspoken rule to not post work unless book is published already. However I really love how these turned out and am unsure if it would be okay to show 1-2 illustrations in my portfolio when querying agents? The portfolio would not be public, but only emailed to agents I am looking at. 

Asking if this is right or wrong? 

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