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Comment link issues?


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Not sure if its normal, but I attempted to paste a link in to a beware comment, and it loads up the entire website, inside the comment box, and there was no way to get it to paste just a link, and no large preview. I ended up trying 3 times, and the final time, a small bar appeared asking if I wanted to remove the preview. (I think th firts 2 times it wasnt loading the bar) It may have been an issue from the site loading weird, as I have never attempted to paste a link before, but may I also suggest disabling link previews in general? It can end up showing NSFW content, and because I was pasting a twitter URL, it loaded the entire twitter inside the small comments box.

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  • Administrator

What site are you trying to link from?

Edit:  Oops, sorry the other staff have informed me I misread your post.

We can tinker with how the editor works after we do some cleaning up from our recent site issues, but for the meantime using the "link" button between the underline and quote buttons will prevent the preview.

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