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Concerning "Is my situation bewareable" posts.


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We get this question often, so I figured it would be best to address it via a sticky.

"Is my situation bewareable?" / "Should I beware?"


The simple answer is:

Submit to the queue so the Queue Mods can review your post.


The long answer is:

In the past users would submit this question without full context. Full context can only come from the actual proof, which users can't submit. The community would leave their opinions, and the user would act based on these opinions. With full context in the queue, the queue mods sometimes rejected these posts. Thus the submitter would become frustrated and angry with us. After all, the community said their post was bewareable, right?

Thus, moderators will close questions of this nature. Only the queue moderators can say with accuracy wether or not a situation is archivable. We will review your post if you wish us to.

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