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Artist finishes work, requests I don't post it; how long is too long?

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I commissioned an artist back in July 2019 for an image of my fursona. I explicitly inform the artist the point of the commission was for artwork to display on the character's F-List profile. Artist said no problem, will be done in two weeks.

Long story short, four months late, the art finally comes in. However, artist admits to me he did mine out of order because I gave an ultimatum and signaled I would be submitting a PayPal dispute. In order to not disrupt their queue and upset other commissioners, I am asked to not post it in public until they catch up on their queue. I agree, as I assume it would only be a week or two of a delay.

It has now been another ~4 months. Said artist has never uploaded anything new to FA since and has effectively disappeared. No signs of life on any social media, dead silence in Discord servers. They have never completed the other owed art. I'm a little torn on what to do here, or what would be morally right:

  • On one hand, I agreed I wouldn't post it until their queue was complete, and I don't want to upset other commissioners and make the artist's life harder. Basically, I'd like to avoid any drama.
  • On the other hand, I now have a useless piece of art as I can't show it to anyone, and it's also complete so I can't get a refund. I don't feel it's fair to expect me to just never post it, especially because it was commissioned specifically to be shown to others.

Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this. Don't really know what to do here.

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If it were me I would send them a final notice that I've been patient, but due to silence I'll be posting my commission. I'd reiterate that I made it clear the purpose of the commission was for public display.

From there unfortunately you don't have much recourse if they decide to file a DMCA to pull it down. Though I have a feeling they'd not respond at all.

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