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Zero Tolerance Policy for Abuse

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We've updated our twitter, but want to be sure to update on the site itself.  I know I can be obnoxiously wordy, so I'll try and not make this too tl;dr.

In short we are installing a zero tolerance policy for abuse leveled at staff members.  Individuals who curse at or threaten moderators in response to moderator action will be automatically banned.

What this auto permaban isn't:

  • A ban for discussing mod action.
  • Disagreeing with mod action in comments or privately.
  • A ban for being snarky or rude with staff.

If your response to us enforcing our rules is to tell us to fuck ourselves, our site is "dogshit", or threaten us with legal action then we're going to ban.

Comments that don't make it through are not official action against your account.  We don't keep track of them, nor do we hold it against you.  If your comment requires someone to respond to you, we'll do so privately.

If you feel like you need us to know, please PM someone or fill out a contact form.  I promise you we'll listen.  We're always trying to do our best and to serve the community.


(I'm also sure there are individuals who want to claim sole credit for this decision, but it's been a bit of a slow burn over numerous years.  Yesterday was just the straw that broke the camel's back.)

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