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Client places a bid and then blocks my contact

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Here's a very strange and confusing situation I'm having.

One person placed a bid (starting bid is $10) on one of the adopts I've made in my adoptable auction. When time expired tonight and I tried to comment on their comment with the instruction of payment, I've discovered they had me blocked for no reason.

I mean, I never done anything wrong with the bidder in question. I'm just confused as to why they've placed a bid on an adoptable I've made, only to turn around a block my contact. It kinda boggles my mind a bit.

I may consider relisting the unpaid adopt in a few days if the client who blocked me doesn't pay, but I will update in a comment when something happens.

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4 minutes ago, Celestina said:

They more than likely placed the bid, but didn't want to contact you directly to retract it.  I would just relist it.

That would make sense. I mean if a client blocked me after initially placing a bid, then why would they bother making a bid in the first place?

As I've said, I'll probably relist the adopt in a few days.

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