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Plushie Commission


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I am asking for advice on the behalf of my partner who doesnt speak English well enough, and has never commissioned before; I have also been the one doing the communicating because of his language barrier.

We both ordered custom plushies, in person at a con. He ordered a 10 inch ish full body, and I got a custom of a small husky pattern they did. We ordered 13th of July. I was given a completion date of the 2nd of August, which was another con. (It was delivered the 3rd) I received no WIPs. (mine was missing freckles, which i had asked for, but I didnt push and left it as is)

My partner was told his likely wouldnt be done for the con, but they would try. It was no. It wasnt even started. We have asked for updates every week or two, and the maker said they do not give out the pattern, but it was drawn. Then said the pieces were cut but did not give out that due to it being the pattern. They said we could see the mock up for the embroidered eye, which we saw last week. We havent seen any materials, or any proof its been done except a digital mock up. I also know they will not be in the country at the end of October. The update with the eyes said they would start the sewing a week after.

Is it normal to not see the cloth colors at all? Is it normal not to show the cut pieces of cloth as a wip? He's getting worried because of the time frame, but Im more worried theyre going overseas. It was paid via SQUARE in person, and all communication is via telegram. (I went to get screenshots for my freckles, but the artist nuked the chat) I will have him save all communication tonight. The artist is local and was highly recommended.

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  • Administrator

I've commissioned two custom items that aren't fursuits:  A hoodie and a plushie.

Both times I received WIP pictures, but wasn't asked to pick fabric colors.  As a customer I'd be weirded out by this, too.  It isn't like you wouldn't be able to study the pattern once you have the plushie, so their reasoning for withholding WIPs is odd.

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No, this behavior is very strange and most people who make plush and / or fursuits will provide progress photos because.. well, how else will you know it's being worked on! Their fear of someone taking their pattern is a little ridiculous. At any rate, they can at least put the parts in a pile if they're THAT nervous about it. It at least shows there's something happening.

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They had given a Halloween completion date. Contacting them last night and they now say December. This is also after their 'maybe' of early August. They gave a $50 refund for the delay. Refused to give WIP photos again.
They also have never updated us whenever something happened either; they are currently out of country, and had a flood earlier. Found out via group chat. I had brought these up as concerns to them, and they apologized and gave the partial refund. I mentioned that not showing proof wasnt normal and they still refused. (they also said they had given us wips; we had only seen a digital eye mock up, and a badly put together temp ball for the head)  They said that when they return from OOC they will send wips once they start building the plush. My partner is very adamant he gets the plush, but I am warning him it's very likely he will not get it.

I asked twice for when I can expect the wips when they return, and both times was ignored.

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We have asked for wips again, and no contact. We messaged them early Jan and the only reply we got was to ask if we were going to a local con, when we said no, everything has been on read since.

No WIP shots that I asked for last time have been provided. She claimed she was having trouble on the legs, but we have yet to see any photo aside from the badly mocked up head, which was just a ball, with eyes and bad seams.

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