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Should I create a new topic for each customer? And "when"?

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First of all, my english isn't very good, so pardon me for the weird mistakes (and feel free to correct them if you want to!).

I really enjoy the idea of giving feedback on customers, since I'm a member of two YCH sites/servers and I already saw a lot of creators suffering with things like charge backs and people vanishing with your pieces without paying! So I really want to post here and give the good costumers the love they deserve, but I have two questions:

1 - Should I create a new topic for every single customer? I'm still new in this commission world and my list of clients isn't very long at all, but I still don't know if I should create a single topic with all of them at once or one for each.

2 - Should we only post positive feedback after X time passed, or maybe after X purchases? I saw some people saying that paypal allows you to ask for your money back after 60 days or something like that, it didn't happen to me yet but I do understand that's always a risk until this timer ends. I also know that sometimes people buy cheap things from an artist and pay everything just fine, but then when they ask for something expensive, they just run away either with the sketch/lineart or they wait until the commission is done and simply asks paypal to give the money back. 

The second question is a bit tricky, I wouldn't mind writing reviews on notepad and waiting some time before posting them, but at the same time I guess I could simply remove/change the positive feedback later... What worries me is the possibility of writing something good about someone, and this eventually causing another artist trouble because they thought they could trust this person.  

Any thoughts about this are really appreciated!

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1.  Yes you should make a new post for every customer.  Their name will go in the Topic Title, and all of their working names will go in the tags section.

See the artist section for examples:  https://artistsbeware.info/forums/forum/18-artist-positive-reviews/

Now that your client has a thread, anyone else who has had a good experience with them can come in and "second" your post with their own positive review.


2.  There is no time frame!  Each positive review is going to be unique to you.  The purpose of this site is for users to make informed choices on who to do business with.  So if a client has had numerous good reviews, but maybe earned one bad one later, people can read and decide for themselves if this person is someone they want to work with.


If ever you feel like you need to retract a positive review you've made because of a chargeback scenario, that's ok!  Contact any member of staff, and we will pull it.

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