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Updating Bewares Pre-Website

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I searched around the forum and couldn't find an answer for this at the time. I understand that the archiving from the LJ group will be a while due to the amount of history as well as broken links and other such things.

However, is there currently a process to submit for an update on a post or situation? This is regardless if it was resolved or a turn for the worst.

While the LJ page is still currently visible and viewable, those with an on-going or resolved issue from the LJ page won't be able to update their post due to being unable to submit old bewares to the website.

The archives don't seem to be accessible at the moment either though, at least not from the Archives page. I can only assume that's being worked on though.


In the event there isn't one currently in place, I'd like to propose a case-by-case basis.

For example, I have a post from last year, and have maintained contact with the artist towards getting things completely resolved. While it's been a slow process, there has been legitimate movement. However it's not to say that their actions aren't still questionable in various ways, to which I've been keeping track. While I can't speak for other clients and their personal interactions, recent public communications have made me want to update my experience with the artist in question. This especially as it seems they don't have a difficult time getting paid work and seemingly performing better for those on more friendly terms.

At the same time, if my personal situation is actually resolved, I'd like to at least say to be able to say so as well.

Thank you

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Archives are currently locked so that our Helpers can work essentially in a sandbox. Once they are done you will be able to comment on the entries like any normal entry, which includes offering updates.

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