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Is a beware still warranted...?


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I recently had a less than stellar experience with an artist.

I was willing to give them a shot after getting feedback from personal friends and seeing a commission that really sparked an interest in me, so I went for it.
This was initiated in-person at a convention, and things seemed fine from the get-go.

But they really didn't communicate with me after we had things confirmed, and I had paid.

Recently, after a few months of non-discussion from their end, I requested a refund because I truthfully didn't even remember my ideas for the commission, as the artist never followed up with their general process.
This information isn't present in their TOS page, really just their general turnaround, of which they were two months behind not only myself, but several others.

Only now are they willing to engage me about my commission, and I suddenly got bumped up several spots in the queue, my commission seemed to be closer towards the bottom, and they were backed up from a previous convention. This really doesn't feel right to me, and I pressed for a refund instead.

They were actively engaging me at the time I was pushing for this, but once I was set on a refund they just stopped responding and basically left me hanging for hours; I thought y'know, maybe the refund would be real easy to take care of, y'know?
When they finally confirm my details and process the refund, they just continue to speak in a very flippant manner to me about how I should have kept my slot, but it was no big because 'they already sold it'.

Just their general attitude about this really rubbed me the wrong way, especially since they basically ignored my issues with their communication and the process. It just felt very back-handed, the way they spoke to me about wanting a refund at all.

Essentially, this transaction is void, as I'm now waiting for the refund to process, but I really can't shake how rude this artist was to me for not wanting to go through with working with them.

But would this still be valid as a beware? Or do we have a place for uh, well, not great experiences?

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Howdy! This kind of question can't be answered by our community members, and is best left for staff. We can't give you a determination if something will pass thr queue without seeing the full transaction. However, this sounds like it would fit best in the Artist Caution category. Please review the submission guidelines for what would need to be censored, and a submission link is available at the bottom of the page.

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Ohh! That's my bad, I considered this an advice post, since I wasn't fully sure if it would be appropriate to do so.
I can go ahead and draft something up for staff to review, thank you!

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