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  • Beware: Snuffles (Discord) / Snuffem (Twitter, FA)

    • Who: Snuffles / snuffem
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/snuffem/
      When: 03/15/2019
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    Please note that @/snuffles on Twitter is NOT this artist.

    Message added by Celestina

    A few months ago I had commissioned snuffles to draw my Vaporeon.Screenshot_20190903-090804.thumb.png.143249d3759958692a61e6b2540d6d4d.pngScreenshot_20190903-090148.thumb.png.919e706fdea40fee56f600408fdc35d3.png

    I did not give any specific action to draw, as I just wanted to see what she could do.


    The tweet in the discussion of the commission also doesn't appear to exist anymore, as the tweet cannot be found.1078416896_Screenshot_20190903-0909572.thumb.png.164d36a1739238519900e9662ceb9649.png 

    After a couple of days she began working on the commission and I received the finished piece.Screenshot_20190903-094253.thumb.png.81eb89fb5b6585766d7cc338d5cf466c.pngScreenshot_20190903-094311.thumb.png.76d7453339ef03aa396d7aedf090fb67.pngScreenshot_20190903-100529.thumb.png.95b81134f99ace3968a2bc2e59ad93fa.png

    A few days ago I received a message concerning the commission, asking if it had been mine and if I had known what had happened to it. They showed me the art that had bee traced, and my own that I had commissioned, and it was exactly the same with minor changes.

    Screenshot_20190902-025240.thumb.png.615bd36dac17f3fc51c7591391e5ff72.png 1264285616.thumb.png.cc567720bed237350c5b03fa71d86f3d.png46830111.thumb.png.45a7a91cf37019554c2d9f560bfa6ed2.png

    https://e621.net/post/show/1790823 This is the art that had been traced.


    This is her post of my commission

    After these were confirmed traces it is believed a few other commissions she had done and pieces of artwork were also traces, but I can no longer find the said links and artwork for some of them, as I believe they either were never uploaded to her gallery or deleted after being discovered as traced.

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    Went ahead and edited your post to include direct urls to their twitter and FA, and added a note to your post.  There's an artist with a very similar username that can easily be confused between the two.

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