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  • Beware: scaretactik

    • Who: scaretactik
      Where: [email protected]
      When: 01/19/2022
      What: Commission

    Back in January 2022, I contacted scaretactik via email to inquire about a commission. I originally came across their art via twitter and at the time and still since then, their display name has always read as their commissions being open; they have taken more comms & emergency comms since. I did read in the artist's carrd beforehand that they can be slow with completing comms, but I admittedly still didn't expect to be waiting over a year later– this and the lack of communication and other surrounding details has me unsure of whether the art will be completed, hence why I am submitting this beware. 

    Here's the initial email from January of 2022 and a receipt for the PayPal payment:


    Before sending the payment, I instead DM'd scaretactik on twitter since they stated it as being preferable, and that's where we would continue to communicate up until October of 2022: 

    After January 2022, the next time I heard from scaretactik was when I reached out 6 months later in July to ask if an update was available. Scaretactik got back to me and brought up being agreeable to a deadline, so I asked if a month following this would be alright but that I would also just be happy to receive a WIP rather than the full finished piece. I did not receive an answer to my response/I did not hear back from scaretactik further at this time:

    The next time I spoke with scaretactik was when I reached out a second time in September of 2022, another 2 months later. I was told that I could expect to receive a WIP shortly and that they were appreciative of my patience; I did understand that they had some things going on so I was still content to wait at this point:
    scaretactik4.thumb.png.beba876cc31c1b91585a069fc1c3845b.png  scaretactik5.thumb.png.9776ec20f177c3f4d62f45ef6148be0d.png

    However, I did not receive a WIP/any further messages from scaretactik at this time until I reached out again in October. These are the last DMs we exchanged before moving over to discord:

    Scaretactik soon after messaged me via discord with a WIP on the 18th. It was very barebones, but I was happy to finally receive something and stated being okay with the idea they were going for:

    The next time I heard from scaretactik was on November 4th then the 7th when I received another update, though the sketch/idea had been changed. I liked how it was looking so I didn't mind the alteration and also gave it my okay:


    After this, I received another update on November 10th, but the sketch for my piece had once again been changed. I didn't mind the revision so I gave it my okay as well:

    This is where the periods of silence started up again. I reached out a month later on December 11th to inquire about any possible updates and to ask if scaretactik had a trello or queue tracker. I did receive another picture of my piece, but there didn't seem to be any progress made and again, it had been revised without my knowledge. This time, I was unhappy with the direction of the unexpected revision, so I wasn't entirely sure how to respond & initially forgot to and didn't get back to scaretactik until the 14th when I voiced my concern:


    This is the last time (December 14th of 2022) I have heard from scaretactik. I've reached out again on February 19 of this year and more recently on March 15th, but neither of my messages have been replied to. I don't know at this point if I will receive my comm or if the quality will be what I paid for/if more unexpected changes will be made since it's now going on 5 more months of silence, so I'm submitting this beware:


    I don't mind waiting as long as needed but do feel forgotten about and am just disappointed with how communications & updates have been handled. I would be glad to still receive my comm but dislike pushing for updates and am already exhausted with this situation; I'm open to hearing from scaretactik and working something out, I harbor no ill will towards them.

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    I still have not heard from scaretactik but have attempted to send one last message to them, I will provide another update if they do actually respond: 


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    as an update: it'll have been 2 years since I commissioned them in a few days, and this piece has still not been completed. I do consider them (scaretactik) a friend and chat with them outside of discussions purely related to this, but I want them to do better & organize themself better and believe there's still room for improvement. Other commissions they've taken after mine/more recently have been completed sooner, and I still don't entirely know when mine will be finished.

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    As a more recent update, earlier this month (June 2024) I once again brought up my frustration with scaretactik at my piece still not being complete while they continue to finish work for others & pieces commissioned more recently than mine. A deadline for the end of this month was proposed by them and agreed upon, but I haven't gotten any further updates on the progress of my piece so I'm kind of assuming it isn't done based off of my experience with this so far.

    Three days ago on the 25th, I messaged them on discord asking about this and to be refunded if it is not complete. I haven't heard back yet, this has been ongoing since January 2022 now and I'm just exhausted and want my money back rather than continually having this dragged out further. I cannot in good faith recommend commissioning them still.

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    • Senior Staff

    Changed Where to [email protected]

    Changed New Leaf to No

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