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  • Beware - Psy101

    • Who: Psy101
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/psy101
      When: 07/20/2018
      What: Commission

    On July 20th, 2018 I requested a commission from Psy101 on Furaffinity. The artist asked for up-front payment($80 USD),  which normally I'd be cautious about, but the artist came at the recommendation of a friend so I had reason to "trust" a bit more. 

    Since that time, Psy101 has ignored all future attempts at communication on FA through notes asking for a status update or if/when it'll be worked on. Each time, FA's Read Receipt feature showed he had indeed read / opened the notes I've sent him. Furthermore, Psy101 would go on to continue to take on new commissions, do gift art, and commission other artists routinely.

    There are over 50 uploads on the artists gallery in the last 3 months alone, of a varying degree of personal projects, gift art, and commissions both done-for-others and received-themself. (I'd like to say I'm patient, especially with regards to if a refund is needed and if an artist doesn't have the money on hand to at least show some faith in *working* to get a refund at some point. In this case it seems money is not an issue with Psy101 as they're continuing to commission other artists while not responding to any note I've sent)


    Image descriptions (minorly edited some NSFW details out to keep post SFW; if that's alright?):

    AB1 - Initial note & idea, responded by Psy101 asking for a little more information, and myself replying (admittedly vaguely, blech) July 20th, 2018

    AB2 - Psy101 reply to AB1 stating an invoice was sent, and myself replying it was paid. July 20th, 2018

    AB3  - First attempt at contact on March 1st, 2020, more than a year later. My patience to wait was wearing a little thin and I just wanted to see if I'd been forgotten.

    AB4 - Oct. 23rd, 2020, yesterday. I asked him for another update or if I should just take it here to AB since I didn't know what else to do at being routinely ignored

    Psy101 Invoice - Edited -- Paypal invoice, edited to remove identifying details (I think I got 'em all?)

    Readreceipts - My FA note Outbox showing the two times I asked for an update (AB3 & 4) have been opened/read by Psy101. (Normally there is a yellow "Letter Icon" until a note is opened/read)

    (First post, sorry if I did something wrong.)







    Edited by Celestina
    edited email out

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    • Administrator
    Just now, North said:

    Psy's dad died last night. Perhaps the timing here is not appropriate. 


    Normally, we'd reject this comment because it toes up with Rule 5 (do not imply someone shouldn't have posted).  However, this post has been in queue for a few days now and was only approved today.  OP has no control over when posts are approved.  

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    • Administrator

    A comment was not posted because it is in violation of Rule 5.


    5.  Do not imply a beware does not belong here or that the submitter should delete it.

    Any further comments of this nature on this post will be automatically hidden.  We're very sorry for Psy101's loss.  However, OP has not violated any part of our rules and thus their post will stay online.  Being unfortunately timed does not invalidate a 2 year wait.  A post going online now doesn't mean Psy101 has to address it now.

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    The previous poster of a beware with this artist did eventually manage to get a refund after a year. Sadly, it seems as if the artist has not learned. I hope you can get this resolved OP!


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