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  • Beware: MarbleSoda

    • Who: MarbleSoda, MarbleSodaArt, Mrbl
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/marblesoda/
      When: 04/03/2023
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content Resolved

    I sent off a request for a YCH April 3rd. On the same day MarbleSoda replied and accepted it. They did caution me there was a queue, but I was fine with this.


    The very next day they sent me the invoice.


    I paid and they confirmed receipt.


    Two months later, at the end of May, I inquired for an update. I received no response.


    Another month later, at the end of July, I again inquired for an update. This time I also emailed them using the same email I sent my reference to. I received no response.



    Furaffinity shows an unopened letter picture for notes that have not yet been read by the recipient. IE a read receipt. Here there is no unopened letter picture. This indicates the artist is reading my notes, but not responding.



    The artist is clearly still accepting YCHs and commissions given their recent post on FA.


    It has been 4 months since I've heard anything from the artist and I doubt I'm going to get my commission. Now I want to warn others that they should not commission this artist.

    Edited by James
    fixed tag, uploaded read receipt

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    If it's only been four months, you should be within time to file a claim with PayPal. I would send another message stating your intention to open a claim. You'll need to decide if you still want to try to get the art or push for a refund.

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    • Senior Staff
    1 hour ago, Kobaj said:

    Oh! I assumed Paypal cutoff was like 30 days. I'll see if they can get me a refund, thanks :D!

    For your reference, the Paypal window is 180 days.

    Your Paypal receipt provides you a deadline of October 1st to report issues with the transaction.

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    12 hours ago, Kobaj said:

    Oh! I assumed Paypal cutoff was like 30 days. I'll see if they can get me a refund, thanks :D!

    For more info on contacting the artist and PayPal, see here:


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    I raised a dispute with PayPal and very quickly the artist reached out to me. They finished the picture and this post can now be resolved.

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