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  • Beware: ElvensnowArt

    • Who: ElvensnowArt, galethei, griffivik
      Where: https://twitter.com/ElvensnowArt
      When: 10/18/2022
      What: Commission


    This is my first time making a beware so appologies in advance.

    This was my fourth time commissioning ElvensnowArt's who was a friend of mine since we shared mutual servers and a love for ESO, the previous three times had all been completely fine with no issues. So I commissioned him on the 18th of October 2022 for art of mine and another friends elder scrolls oc and he seemed happy to accsept it. All previous commissions had been done over Discord DM as well and the max only took 6 months to complete.


    The commission was $60 but I gave a $10 tip so $70 in total and I paid via Paypal as soon as possible.


    I knew he had some on off issues due to trying to find a job and getting used to living on his own. With him being my friend as well I generally didn't mind waiting months or longer for the commission as I trusted he would get it done eventually. He then gave me an update three months alter on January 19th 2023:image.thumb.png.f1539325fcad158b481e326c4b1852b8.png

    I then waited more however Elvensnow begun to ghost people and become distant. He left the mutal severs we where in and stopped being active on his social medias completely by September 2023. I really hate asking artists for updates but on the aniversy of the commission I decided to DM him and got no responce: image.thumb.png.3b20c3c47a0ed0479cb8639274bf8f7e.png

    I gave him a week and then DMed him again poking for another update and this time he did respond:


    However, this would be the last time he responded to me as he at some point changed his settings so only friends and people in mutual servers (as indicated by the discord clyde bot error) which I have also learned he unfreinded everyone who knew him as well. Thus I cannot message him anymore and he is no longer active on any of his socials.


    As of today I never received even a sketch, it has been nearly 19 months so the chargeback on Paypal is not an option. I have also learned from other people who have commissioned him that I am not the only one he has done this to and owes hundreds of dollars to people.

    Addendum: Contact was finally established on May 16, 2024 on the artist's blank tumblr alt






    A comment will be made if/when a refund is received.

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    Changed Where to https://twitter.com/ElvensnowArt

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    Update: On May 19th 2024 I threatened him with legal action in the form of a Letter of Demand should he not pay any of the money owed by June 16th 2024. Today June 21st I have recived confermation that both my self and others affected have been refunded in full.


    This issue is now resolved.

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