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  • BEWARE: Devicre

    • Who: Devicre
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/devicre/
      When: 09/22/2019
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    i approached Devicre in September  to ask about if they did comics to which they said they were willing to take on my project despite the lack of experience in the field.  I gave them the details then we agreed on a payment amount and i began making payments.  I received  rough wips of 2/5 pages in october.  I eventually had to stop in October as i went away for a personal anniversary.  In November i didn't make payments because of the weirdness of paypal  bouncing funds around during a dispute with customer so when i thought they took money for Devicre they had took money for random disputes, but i made the final payments in DEC and told Devicre we could pick it back up in 

    January since they had to take commissions between the time frame i was gone. This was ok for me because between December-January  i was in the hospital so nothing could be done anyhow. Once we reconnected and were ready to start, a fallout with a former friend who i was gifting this comic to  led to me wanting the comic to be changed to not include them and we agreed on a valentines day comic instead.  They said they could do it and we went with the new idea and char.

    February  20th came and id received no wips or updates. February 25th and they tell me they would need more money to put the comic idea to action. I decided against paying more since there had been no wips and said scrap the vday comic just go back to the other comic then  because we already agreed to the pages for that and 2 were sketched out  so no reason it cant be finished.

    March came and no updates i asked for updates i got nothing. I decided to give them space to work and didn't ping them again til May for a update to which i received no answer and started to look around for their activity,and a wip to which neither was available. At this time id done my research to find any page thy were active on since they weren't active on fa but would pop up once a while on picarto to stream commissions they took. I caught them  the first time and message them there they finally answered me this was may 7th and on twitter i sent a message but they said they never got it.

    I was given a run around about them having backlog due to the commission not being done in sept and oct. but as i'd told them  they had from dec-may to start something. We came to  a mutual understanding they would work on the comic in may  and start over  with  where we were. May came and gone and once more i was left in the dark  on may #1st they said their hand was hurting from a injury of some sort but id by then found them streaming many times on commission work they recently took  up even so much as offering in steam commissions.

    I given them the ultimatum of giving me a start and finish date or refund me to which their response was they were gonna stream it that morning but after me being pushy they don't feel like it. They once more gave me a finish date of  the end of the month for June but once more fell thru on that. They told me they offered me at one point to scrap the comic and trade out for  regular arts but i refused that offer i wanted the comic or a refund. I received a sketchy wip  on June 22nd after no response and the looming threat of a beware to them. I eventually popped into their streams a few times where they had a queue and saw they listed my comic under commissions and was upset addressing the fact my commission was from last yr so no other commission could possibly have come before that or their statement of having to clear their schedule back then for me would have been a lie.

    Fast forward in July i asked for a update i got no answer. I saw on fa they randomly made a come back post in august saying they will be active and taking commissions and ychs and old commissioners had to email them if they wanted  their work done by aug14th, I emailed them and i was met with excuses but told they will get it done.once the time frame came and gone i emailed again and got no answer or response back, i also received no answer on discord . As of today i am unable to charge back because i do not have that paypal anymore and it well past the protection date anyhow, looking thru my bank statements it seems i only paid 200 thru my bank and the rest thru paypal balance. They owe me a refund at this point in time.

    in my screenshots i will cross out any personal information and the name and picture of the person  who was to be in the original comic as we are not on terms and i do not wish to get them involved...

    the first few are from fa

    the second set is from discord

    the last set is from  picarto whisper chat system 

    and then there is the email and proof of payments 


    Edited by Celestina
    edited huge body of text for readability

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