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  • ArtistBeware : Loxy~Chan

    • Who: LoxyChan
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/loxy~chan/
      Discord: chenchen#4703 (available via their FA)
      When: 04/27/2020
      What: Commission



    (The artist has had me on queue since April 27th, 2020 but has since taken me off completely and archived in December)

    The following is the commission I purchased from YCH.Commishes, it was won in a bid for $75 so that it could be shaded. Their own ToS said that you will receive finished work in 14-days but they stated they were sick so I delayed & gave them necessary time+space. It became a long line of ignored notes, ignored messages and other things that went without response. There was a period where they put the commission on hold in their queue as well but they quickly moved that to "In-Progress" once I asked them about it again. It remained in progress until recently. I hope that the outcome of this can be either a full refund or the art returned.



    Following the successful bid, I paid the artist immediately and even covered the fees on my end.



    Me communicating with the artist concerning it being on hold on the website, it was later lifted.



    I submitted the details not only over FurAffinity but also on discord where not only they confirmed receiving the payment but also the rest of the details. This was the last + only communication I had with them over discord.




    I messaged them first on the delays in August, then again throughout the months but they neglected to respond - but did read them.







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    fixed caps

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