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    Artist Beware: Synxirazu-niam

    • Who: Synxirazu-niam
      Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/synxirazu-niam/
      When: 10/03/2018
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    One day on October 3rd, 2018, the artist asked me if I was interested in getting art from him. He was offering a discount: $50 USD for two character line art, $15 less than what he usually charges for it. He supposedly wanted the money that night (which I think is a red flag all on it's own), and it was an artist whom I really liked. I decided to get a friend in on this and we decided to commission Synx. He then explained that he needed it for his medication which I could completely understand. We pay and wait for him to be ready before we sent our details. Screenshot_11.png.0cbe824ca4463f06a33efe84cbb0f737.png



    A week goes by and I ask for an update. He says that we are next and he will be able to make our commission in a few days.Screenshot_2.png.d284859e2c8dc9cc6bf065f28c1b6ecc.png

    A few more days go by and they mention that they are delaying our commission a few days because they're making a big move. Like before, I let it go. Screenshot_3.png.d472a2613e66b3e578ac912d7d729fef.png

    Later in December, he tells us that he is now busy with work, also adding that our commission has "highest priority."Screenshot_4.png.560d1fe404c92199b0b08a9d70cea1de.png

    More time goes by... until recently when in another Telegram group chat, I see art with his name on it. We were not the "highest priority." I ask Synx about it, and he now says he is ready to get started. I will admit, that I did not discuss with Synx what we wanted, but I was waiting for him to be ready. Screenshot_7.png.68f61209e520f837d5622cfb753b9f34.png

    Full picture. Note the 2020 date on the top left.photo_2020-01-19_11-49-08.thumb.jpg.658db9aac943f2d5bfab46cfaabd2b2f.jpg

    I let him know the details of what we wanted all that time ago and he says he will update us with a time. He keeps saying "I will try tomorrow" only to find out he hasn't.Screenshot_8.png.b2934d5e4f36cf83d2264fe93d4a225f.png

    Recently, I have been bumping him to see if he has even started, only to find more excuses. He offers us more art in compensation for the lack of progress over the past year. Still nothing.Screenshot_9.png.0c89e132d48109c87e50d97d1f47d526.png

    As of Feb 2, 2020, I had subscribed to alerts to his Picarto which tells me when he streams on that platform. Hoping that it would be our commission, I log in and watch the stream only to find out that he isn't working on our stream. I ask if he has a timeline for our art, only to have him say "no exact date."Screenshot_10.png.f978a268f1dd943fcc96b2346cb4507d.png

    Picture from the stream on Feb 2, 2020.


    I am extremely disappointed with this artist, and would advise not working with them. At the very minimum, don't give them your money until they are actually starting the art. I love their art, especially since they hit kinks that I love, but this experience was just horrid.


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    I understand irl things get in the way, but this was so much of a delay that it raised my suspicion that my friend and I have been robbed of our $50. Although it isn't a lot, that is money that could've been spent on artists who have things set and laid out.

    Also, don't mind the falcon. I like sending bird gifs because I find them cute.

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    UPDATE: The artist still refuses to even start my art, even AFTER they said they would start it after their current commission was finished. 

    As you can see, they said that on February 6th.Screenshot_16.thumb.png.a2d8c0adfde3f256ed2209ea611df856.png


    With the art posted at around... February 17th as seen on the actual FA post: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35089518/


    And today, April 12th, I see them streaming them drawing art that is STILL not my commission.Screenshot_18.thumb.png.e922e4c3bc1a8a598529c89f7d7fc64b.png

    Admittedly, I don't think calling them out on it was the best idea, but they were put on the spotlight when I asked them about it.Screenshot_21.png.970652b44faccca2d6e227992eb3cd0f.png

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