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  • angxlavex / angela

    • Who: angxlavex / angela / angela.vexx / purr.via
      Where: https://toyhou.se/inactiveaccont
      When: 03/04/2021
      What: Commission

    I commissioned Angela on Furry Amino for a chibi fullbody on a base on the 4th of March 2021. The commissioned was $8. I lost the original thread of messages (their messages) since their profile was banned on Furry Amino. When a profile/account gets banned, all their messages get deleted as well. I sent payment on March 4 to Angela (payment receipt below).

    259481428_originalpurchase(amino).thumb.jpg.ff356a9c24d4791be5d1c4277a65a67a.jpg 1965330318_paypalpaymentproof.jpg.151ecbec16f4d1de19e237f5661e9a56.jpg


    After a while, I try to reach ask her for more progress (if any), and whether my commission was completed yet. This was when I found out that their profile has been banned. Since their profile was banned, I tried emailing them on the PayPal email I sent the money to, but there was no response on the email (at the time). So, I asked a curator (a staff of Furry Amino) if I could take a look at their profile to see what other social media they're on, and they gave me a screenshot of their profile. I noticed that in their bio, there is a text that says "angxlavex" (the fancy text). I tried looking on different sites, and found that they are mostly active on toyhou.se, so I sent them a message.

    234471950_emailedthem.jpg.328910b31ad9fd4197f3d0c67817f660.jpg 1229356458_aminoprofile.thumb.jpg.048f5a4e5027b0a8410d7e2f15ff0ce8.jpg


    I sent her a message on 13 May, saying that she still owes me a $8 chibi. I asked her for a refund because so far, it seems like she wasn't going to complete the commission at all. 😞 She then replied (quite promptly) saying that she doesn't "have the toyhou.se usernames of everyone who had commissioned me", even though I never received any kind of contact from her (she never tried to reach out to me on my email on paypal, or literally anywhere else.. my username is 2DFIEND on every site btw). I replied, saying that surely she would have a list somewhere? And I asked for a refund, but she ghosted me, even though she already opened the message.




    They have opened and (I assume) read my message asking for a refund- if she hasn't opened my message, the text would be pink. I sent her another message on May 19, which basically has the same contents as the image above (asking for a refund, transaction ID and date). The message that was sent on May 19 is pink, which means she hasn't read it while the other one, she has opened it. Within the same hour of sending that message, she read my message, but still, no reply.




    They changed their username from angxlavex to inactiveaccont as of 18/5/2021:

    791621913_angxlavextoyhouse.jpg.22c82eb067bc497b98c836af03cb202a.jpg 2052633788_proofthatinactiveaccontandangxlavexissameperson.thumb.jpg.ec65c241e3bd8a79358b492e43041c61.jpg


    Update on the email as of 25/5/2021: I got a reply back on the email that was attached to the PayPal account, and I was told that Angela was not the owner of the account, and that the actual owner (the person emailing me back) has been letting Angela use it. He also told me his name (blue) and Angela's real name (pink), I blocked them all out for privacy.




    Proof that https://www.facebook.com/angela.vexx and https://www.facebook.com/purr.via is the same person as angxlavex on toyhou.se- the first two screenshots show that the same artwork was posted to toyhou.se within a week of each other. With the other two screenshots, angxlavex posted the EDITED version on her toyhou.se way back in February, and Purr Via used the unedited version as her profile picture on 19 May, and also has a copy of the unwatermarked image of the edited version.

    694934019_inactiveaccontjasperfacebookart1.thumb.jpg.95aa13af5aca3610767e94bc49706fa9.jpg 1512460384_inactiveaccontjasperfacebookart2.thumb.jpg.2a90b78a169ddf35fc376c0e9534f9cf.jpg

    875382168_purr.viaartfb.thumb.jpg.538c482bac349b448e2b67f5319f1dd1.jpg  1907933999_purr.viaartfb2.thumb.jpg.a29b7874a9538e78fa6b1c44e0d5d6f3.jpg 



    TLDR; I commissioned Angela, waited for 2+ months, they gave me no updates and they ended up getting banned on Furry Amino. I tried to reach out to her on toyhou.se (because she made 0 effort to try and look for me), and I asked her for her a refund but she changed her toyhou.se username, and didn't reply to my message even though she opened it. Basically, she ran away after I asked for a refund.

    purr.via art fb 3.jpg

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    If you sent the $8 through friend and family, you're going to have to rely on Blue's word that he will pay for Pink's scamming. I'm hoping you sent it as a business purchase and can file a claim on if it Blue ends up ghosting as well.

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    On 5/31/2021 at 9:04 AM, Rendrassa said:

    If you sent the $8 through friend and family, you're going to have to rely on Blue's word that he will pay for Pink's scamming. I'm hoping you sent it as a business purchase and can file a claim on if it Blue ends up ghosting as well.

    Yeah thankfully I paid through goods & services! So I was able to open a claim, in case Blue ghosts me!

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