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  • Beware: Squeedge/SqueedgeMonster

    • Who: Squeedge/SqueedgeMonster
      Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/squeedgemonster
      When: 12/01/2013
      What: Other (Explain Below)




    WHO: Squeedge/SqueedgeMonster
    WHAT: A pre-order of her "Tyrant King" shirt.
    WHEN: The shirt was ordered in December of 2013 with an estimated delivery date of January 2014.
    PAYMENT: Here.
    Back in early December 2013, I saw that SqueedgeMonster opened up pre-orders for her Tyrant King t-shirts through Twitter. It was supposed to be a "last printing" of the design and I couldn't pass up the opportunity because I really liked the design and I didn't want to miss my chance. I understood that the shirts wouldn't arrive until after Christmas. They were scheduled to be shipped in early January. I still haven't received mine and communication, directly or indirectly, has been practically non-existent since payment was sent.
    During the pre-order, over 100 shirts were purchased. I lost the proof for this when this was sent back to me for revisions, and when searching for it again I discovered that all of her tweets prior to June 2014 seemed to have disappeared.

    In early January, she made a post on Twitter about the shirts being sent out to her from the printer and her receiving them. In late January, Squeedge made an update about the shipment of her shirts on Tumblr. Apparently a lot of them were stolen before being scanned at her local post office.
    My shirt was a large, so it was not in the first box of shipped shirts. I waited it out.

    After the post office fiasco, I didn't contact Squeedge for several months as she was going through personal issues at the time and didn't think it would be appropriate.
    After things seemed to simmer down, I tossed her a message on Tumblr sometime in April (which I don't have proof of thanks to Tumblr's lack of outbox function).
    A few days passed and this was posted. That was the last time I heard anything pertaining to the shirts.
    In June I was looking through my Twitter feed when a re-tweet from Squeedge appeared; it was someone wearing their Tyrant King shirt. It looked as though the shirts had finally been shipped out.
    I dug a little bit to see when they were sent so I could know when to expect mine, only to discover that she'd put what was supposed to be a "final run" design, which she'd emphasized plenty of times in her advertisements back in December (seen here), up in her DesignByHumans shop. This admittedly upset me.

    In early September, I made my Twitter public (usually private to keep spam accounts at bay) and tried to initiate contact. It was met with no response.
    I attempt contact again later in the month, to which she actually replies saying she'll e-mail me later that night.
    She never did.

    I finally decided to shoot her an e-mail myself (found on one of her Tumblrs). She responded a few weeks later with this. I never responded to it because, well, I really didn't know how.
    In the meantime she opened a Patreon which seems to be turning a decent profit, designed several new shirts and put them up for sale in her online shop (and continues to do so), gone to conventions and taken on numerous commissions -- but she hasn't been in contact since the e-mail above.

    I put this off for as long as I could in hopes that the situation would work itself out, but I've reached my breaking point. I just want this resolved so I can enjoy her work again.

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