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  • Beware: Murdoxy/Stellary/Inkyfox/Spiffy

    • Who: Murdoxy/Stellary/Inkyfox/Spiffy
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/Murdoxy
      When: 09/01/2014
      What: Commission



    WHO: Murdoxy/Stellary/Inkyfox/Spiffy

    WHERE: Furaffinity & Email

    WHAT: Three digital pieces, valued at a total of $45.

    WHEN: September 2014

    EXPLAIN: In September of 2014 I decided to purchase three pieces from (then) Murdoxy. Equaling up to $45 total. I ordered these from Murdoxy from my Furaffinity account Blysse as seen below:

    Note 1  This is where I inquired originally about the commission. 

    Note 2 This is where we agreed on the price. 

    Note 3 Confirming payment

    Note 4 First (and only) WIP. 

    On October 10th I received a WIP (as seen in the 4th note above) of two of the three commissions seen here:

    WIP 1

    WIP 2

    These would be the only images of those commissions I would ever see. 

    On October 19th, 2014 Murdoxy posted a journal about moving over to the account Stellary. 

    Journal Seen Here

    Once the move was finished a journal was posted on Stellary's to-do list with me shown on it as paid and sketched even to this day. 

    To-Do List On Stellary As Of Today

    After some time passed I wanted to know why I had not received my commission so I checked in on Stellary. Admittedly I should have checked in ALOT sooner but honestly I forgot about the commission for a while. I came back to Stellary's page to find this journal about them leaving Furaffinity for good. 

    Journal About Leaving Fa Posted May 10th, 2016

    So I did exactly what Stellary suggested, which was contact them via Email. 

    I emailed Stellary THREE times over the next year without ever getting a reply. 

    I also left a shout on Stellary's Furaffinity account hoping to get some kind of answer. 

    Email 1 (Jan 20th, 2017)

    Email 2 (May 25th, 2017)

    Shout (Left the same day as email 2, May 25th, 2017) 

    Email 3 (admittedly I was getting a bit agitated at this point. This was on Dec 9th, 2017 and I have still had no answer at this point from Stellary). 

    So now we get to today. 

    So today I woke up and was checking on old commissions. I had honestly forgotten about Stellary for a while since it had been almost four years now since I commissioned them. 

    I checked Stellary's account to see if anything new was posted and found this shout.

    To me this seemed to indicate that Stellery had a new account under "Spiffy" they were operating from again. I checked their Leaving Fa journal again and it seems they used the same name for their tumblr so the name of the new account seemed to match up. 

    Leaving Fa Journal Again For Reference Of The Tumbler name Being The Same As The New Fa Name "Spiffy"

    So I decided to send this new account a note to see if I could finally go ahead and get a refund. Low and behold Spiffy has blocked me on BOTH of my main accounts (the one I used to commission them back in 2014 and the new account I have switched to since then). 

    Message I Tired To Send (I actually see now that I made a mistake when messaging Spiffy and said two years ago when it was really four years, but that isn't really the point). 

    Block Proof

    I was able to send my message out from my VERY old account that I also use to watch Murdoxy on here.

    I sent this early this morning but as of this posting it has not been read by Spiffy.

    But I honestly have very little hope of them replying. So far I have been completely ignored and then blocked by Stellary/Murdoxy/Spiffy for wanting information on a commission that is almost four years late at this point. I realize I waited longer than I should have to follow up on the commission but I don't believe I deserve to be ran off on because of it. I really didn't want to submit one of these because I am normally able to solve these types of issues myself, however in this case I feel I have done all I can on my own. 

    At this point all I want from the artist is a refund so that we may both move on with our lives. One of the characters I commissioned from them I no longer own and another one of them has since been retired. Getting the art at this point would almost be a disappoint.

    PROOF:  All attached files are located in order here. 

    Edit 1: As of 1:50 PM CST today 08/08/2018 Spiffy has read my note about a refund but has not replied. I will update again if they reply. 

    Edit 2: Fixed the links. Sorry about that!

    Edit 3: As of 11/23/2018 the artist had still not replied. I suspect I was blocked again. I don’t intend to make any further attempts to contact them on furaffinity because of their rules, however I may email the artist again in the future about this. If so I will update again as needed.

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