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  • Beware: gargoylekitty - Clazziquai

    • Who: Clazziquai
      Where: http://clazziquai.deviantart.com/
      When: 11/10/2010
      What: Commission




    Post advertising commissions:

    My embarrassing gushing and setting up the commission:


    Payment received:

    A few weeks later a friend mentioned on Twitter that she hadn't responded to his recent note after paying her, I contacted her to check up on the how it was coming(mainly to see if she was still around).
    The response:
    I replied that it if it was going to be posted by the end of the week there was no need to fuss over posting sketches, yet the end of the week came and went and there was no sign of anything. In fact, this is the last I heard from her.

    I got a little busy around that time myself, yet when I went to check on her DA later, I found she'd been to a convention:

    So, I decided to send her a note asking for an update:
    and, in case she didn't respond, left a comment on the original commission post:
    Still nothing.

    Waited a bit longer, in case she was just taking awhile to respond as she had in the past, then sent her a final note asking for the piece she said was nearly finished with two months earlier or a refund(given I'd seen nothing to prove she had done anything so far).
    Kind of blunt, I admit.

    Either way it is well past that date, just spent a month working on some papers so I couldn't get around to taking screenshots earlier, so I'm posting here now.

    Between my having never commissioned someone before(though have taken commissions myself) and her saying this was her first time taking commissions, I'm not sure if I somehow messed up or if she took too much on or what but, personally, I feel this worth a post given she seems to have taken on five commissions, all paid according to the post/talking to the one mentioned as 'unpaid', yet doesn't appear to have produced anything despite claiming she was nearly finished months ago.

    ETA (2/10/2012): This matter has been resolved

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