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  1. 8 minutes ago, Rex1173 said:

    This site does not have a section that would help the unfortunate buyers after a big loss of their funds to find new artists who are trustworthy and in need of artwork that's the same category of style, character, design, and ideas that they failed to obtain from their mistaken first choice.   What I would call something like an "Artist Redirect", a directory of real artists that would be listed in groups of style classifications that makes the search much easier to compensate their bad luck.  Maybe that would require a whole new web domain, and that is beyond the funds to keep this site running on monthly bills?

    We have our positive reviews forum for this, but we've never thought to categorize people by style.  I suppose we could use tags for this~

  2. Furaffinity:  https://www.furaffinity.net/user/noahasai/

    Twitter:  https://twitter.com/NoahAsai


    I've commissioned and purchased adopts from Spy/ Noah over the past year and a half.  Spy is easy to work with, and delivers commissions very quickly.  Often within a few days, but never more than a couple of months.  His style is fantastic and his adopts are well thought out and worth every penny.  I highly recommend working with Spy if you have the chance.


    Below are some of the portraits I've commissioned from Spy:


  3. Twitter:  https://twitter.com/oddthesungod

    Furaffinity:  https://www.furaffinity.net/user/oddthesungod/

    I've commissioned Odd numerous times over the past year.  Each time Odd has been prompt with his communication, delivers sketches quickly, and handles any fixes that may be required just as fast.  Odd is seriously a pleasure to work with, and each piece he's done for me has come out very cute.  Below are just a couple of the pieces he's finished for me, but not all of them!




  4. 7 hours ago, pinyon said:

    Boosty has informed me during a refund case via paypal that they in fact refuse refunds since they are considered donations, on top of this, they also say it is against their ToS to buy/sell art using their platform (And then promptly suspended my boosty account for buying art) I can provide the exact text they sent me if you need it. 

    If you can please do!

  5. 1 hour ago, khianve said:

    Hi there mods and staff, thanks for keeping this community alive!

    Before I post in this site, I was wondering if it is the right place for it: I made a purchase in a shop from the furry fandom, but did not receive what I bought and lost contact with the shop's staff, can i submit an artistsbeware post about this matter? The transaction is older than 4 months.

    If yes, my only proofs would be the email I exchanged with the shop and a 2 pages pdf from my bank with the transaction, is it okay if I:

    -remove the email's domain but keep the email provider's domain (domain@provider.com)?

    -keep the order's number?

    -present my bank's statement with just the important stuff translated in the caps (couldn't find an example, just paypal transactions, but I did not search it thoroughly) ?

    Thanks in advance,


    This would be something our queue mods would have to take a look at.  Submit what you have, and we'll send a message if there's anything else.

  6. 19 hours ago, GreenReaper said:

    Boosty site terms also state that donations "shall not be refundable". Whether this applies to PayPal funding is unclear, but I suggest assuming the worst case when considering whether to use it, as well as the fact that artists in Russia cannot currently have a beware opened on them.

    We're revisiting that stance!  I just need to make an official announcement.

  7. Unfortunately, because you're out of the Paypal window you're really only left with three options:

    -  Continue to remind them and wait.

    -  Write a beware and hope that prompts them to refund you sooner.

    -  Write it off as a loss.


    Without IDing the artist, have they lost their Paypal due to too many claims put out against them?  If so it sounds like you may have unfortunately commissioned someone who is stuck in a cycle.  They need money for bills > they take on work to cover the bills > their prices are so low that they can't reasonably finish the work in time > the next billing cycle comes up and they're backlogged.

  8. Howdy!

    We've recently learned some concerning news about Livejournal that has prompted our staff to make archiving a priority.  On top of LJ stating they will delete inactive accounts, recently their staff has gone silent and cross posting to LJ from DreamWidth no longer works.  Staff being silent is a big concern, so we don't want to delay any longer on archiving.


    -  Why has archiving taken so long?

    Archiving was admittedly on the back burner.  Our mods were handling it as they had spare time.  Most of this work can't be automated as Livejournal doesn't play nicely with attempts to pull from them.  Either posts didn't have dates on them or no tag information or both.

    To add to that, some old posts prior to Dani/ Kayla-la's ownership didn't follow the guidelines we have now.  Or tags were handed out just because someone was mentioned, and not because they did anything wrong.  So each post prior to her ownership has to be rereviewed and censored when necessary before being brought over to the site.


    -  Can't you keep the community active?

    We can!  The issue is we don't know how LJ is going to delete accounts.  Will they just be strikethroughs like a standard deletion, or will it be a complete wipe?  We don't want to find out as posts disappear.


    -  Can I help by porting in my own posts?

    Please don't!  You'll confuse our mods. 


    -  Can I help in any other way?

    If you're a long time member of the old LJ and/or mutuals with me on twitter please reach out if you'd like to help archiving from Dani's ownership forward.  Those do not require us to review posts, and I need to be able to trust you to have temporary moderation abilities here on site.  I planned on compensating non-staff volunteers, and we can discuss it if you'd like to be compensated for your time.

    Interested parties can reach me via on site PM or via my james @ artistsbeware.info email


    -  What happens if LJ does delete entries?

    The good news is we already have a complete port on site.  It's hidden with no dates and no tags.  Basically a complete mess, but it's there!  If push comes to shove, we can pull old posts from there.

  9. I think it's a very complicated scenario and not a black and white situation.

    1.  How long has it been?  People make mistakes in their youth.  I'm not going to hold someone who has aged and matured to what they did as a teenager.  So long as their current practices are good, then I think people deserve a second chance.

    2.  If it's more recent, then was the minor open about being a minor?  If so, then I'm going to hold the adults responsible for seeing someone who is clearly a minor and commissioning them anyway for NSFW material.  Yes, adults can end up in legal trouble for discussing sexual material with a minor, however many places have clauses that excuse people who unknowingly interact with a minor.

    If the minor lied, and it later came out that they lied, then I personally may avoid them for a while.

  10. You have a few options at your disposal:

    • Cut your losses and demand a refund.  (If that fails, call your bank and force one.)
    • Go public with your issues and see if others also have the same problems.
    • Continue to wait.

    It sounds like this is a company that uses manufacturers to produce their toys.  Shipment delays do happen, and larger items would have to be sent via boat.  So it could legitimately be that they're going slowly through their queue of customers.  It's going to be up to you if you're willing to continue waiting.

  11. Russian artists are moving to using Boosty.to.  The good news is that Boosty also works for Ukrainian artists, as Paypal doesn't function (normally).

    Navigating to the site, click "Sign Up" which pops up this window:


    We utilized a facebook account.


    Once you get set up and confirm your account, you can start paying artists.  Please note, when I tested this the site did not accept Google Voice numbers.  I had to use my actual phone number.

    The artist that you're paying will tell you how many RUB to send as the site only accepts RUB and not USD.  Paypal's currency converter is here.  Note: You have to be logged in to see it. 

    You can either subscribe to an artist or add a "donation" to their pool.

    Subscriptions act just like Patreon:



    While a "goal" is set to a high number of RUB where you will submit your commission payment.




    Once you hit "Pay" you will be able to choose where the funds will come from. 

    Note:  Once you've chosen where the funds will come from, they will always come from there.  You may have to unlink and relink your Paypal in order to change this.




    Some questions you didn't know you had:

    Will I be charged an international fee for paying in RUB?

    As far as I can tell, no.  The conversion takes place on Paypal, so when it hits your bank it will be in USD.



    If I have to file a chargeback, will Paypal side with me or consider this a donation?

    Because this form of payment is very new, there is no telling how Paypal will treat these.  These are listed as "donations" on site, so there is a chance that depending on if you use their automated system you may lose the case automatically.  Please be sure to call Paypal if you have troubles.


    More info will be added here once I've tested with a bank card.

  12. Edit:  August 7th, 2022 -

    As of this day we will be accepting posts on Russian artists concerning undelivered digital goods.  We are not accepting posts concerning items that need to be shipped from Russia.


    Due to the invasion of Ukraine we will not be accepting bewares from artists from Ukraine nor Russia.  

    Currently Ukrainian artists are fleeing to safety and Russian artists may have their access to certain sites blocked by their government.  In addition, payment processors may be blocked in their country due to potential sanctions, making refunds impossible.

    Citizens in each of these countries are facing extreme circumstances out of their control, and they should be afforded time and empathy.

    Because this is a developing situation, we do not have a time frame from when we will accept posts on artists from these countries again.

  13. Howdy! Yes, at the bottom of the Submission Guidelines we provide an outline for users to follow. The items mandatory for a post to be approved are:


    - Original agreement proof

    - Proof of payment

    - All relevant correspondence 

    If our queue team feels a post is cherrypicked we will return it with a request to provide full proof.

  14. 3 minutes ago, hackmon said:

    I have a question it be two year now I commission someone to do a plushies and still nothing what should I do it two late now for me to do something on this site 

    Unresolved cases are always bewares, and there are no time limits for them.

    Cautions are for when you already got your refund.

  15. On 9/28/2021 at 9:01 AM, RTKobold said:

    I have a question about this did this change have something to do with what has been happening lately on social media.

    Hey!  Sorry for the delay; I had forgotten to follow my own thread.  No, this has always been a soft rule that we applied when we felt it was necessary behind the scenes.  We've had bewares on minors as young as 9.  We simply felt it was important to put as many of these behind the scenes rules on paper as possible.

  16. Twitter:  https://twitter.com/skxviii

    Furaffinity:  https://www.furaffinity.net/user/skxviii/

    Timeframe:  My first commission with Sid was placed in June 2021.  My most recent one was placed September 2021.

    I have commissioned Sid numerous times, and each time has been exactly the same experience.  Sid is professional, sticks to their deadlines, and delivers top notch work at lightning fast speeds.  Turnaround was usually a few days to a week or two.  If Sid says it'll be done by (date) it will be done by then.  I highly recommend Sid if you need work done.



    web ver.jpg





  17. We have updated our submission guidelines to clarify the max cut off for a Caution. It is now one (1) year.  Any Caution that has been resolved more than one (1) year ago will be rejected.

    We have also added a minimum age for minors. We will not accept posts concerning minors under the age of 16. We won't be putting kids on the spot.  If there is a post on someone who was under 16 at the time, please notify us and we will scrub it. Our mods will do our best to look for them ourselves, but we see literally hundreds of posts.


    But what if I find out later that they were under 16?

    The purpose of this addition is to avoid putting kids on the spot all together.  So, we will have to decline the post or delete it.  It's best to contact the payment processor in the meantime.


    If you have any questions you may ask them here.

  18. I commissioned Xsidion for a custom theme commission of my character, James.  Xsidion asked me about my character, what genre I liked, and together we got a song put down.  He gave me regular updates and progress, and overall I'm very happy with the final outcome.

    On the same day, my friend and I did a joint commission for his Twitch channel.  This song was also delivered at the same time my character theme was done.


    Original commission date:  July 16th

    Delivery date:  July 17th

    Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Xsidion

    James' Song: https://soundcloud.com/xsidion/everyone-can-hear-you-bleed-in-space-commission-song

    JB's Song:  https://soundcloud.com/xsidion/jb-1-commission-piece



  19. Commissioned Armaina twice now!

    Website:  armaina.com

    First one was June 11, 2021.  Delivery was June 18, 2021.

    Second was July 16, 2021.  Delivery was July 17, 2021.

    Armaina is fast, very professional and prompt.  I am extremely happy with the outcomes of both commissions!  😄


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