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  1. Hey so I decided to try to give the artist another week, however they have not responded to me. They have disappeared off all their social media except twitter, and after I sent the email they started posting on there. Apparently they are now in a situation with someone abusive monitoring all of their social media except their twitter which they don't know about. They no longer have access to a tablet, spotty internet access as the person is actively attempting to keep them alone, and are now basically begging for money to move back away from where they have ended up with the virus shuffling things around and have stated they are in a very bad place right now because 90% of the people they had taken commissions for have already refunded as they were in the mailing list and I was not (which is nobody's fault. I commissioned them through e-mail before they made it a requirement for people to put COMMISSION in all caps in any commission e-mails which is probably why I fell through the cracks.) They have their commissions open as well but have stated that any commissions taken will "be on hold indefinitely" until they have enough money to leave their situation and buy a new tablet. At this point it's pretty clear I am likely never getting my commission. I have a week left before the paypal dispute window closes, but I don't think I'm going to open a dispute because I don't want to cause them more hardship when they are so distressed they have talked about harming themselves. I was originally going to make a warning about them if the commission was not done, but at this point I just feel bad. Thank you for the advice.
  2. Hi, I just have a question. I commissioned someone at the end of January of this year as a birthday present for myself, but of course directly after is when everything went to crap. How long is too long before I should ask about things? Normally I read you should do so after a month or two, but considering all the crazy nonstop events that have been going on I thought that might be inappropriate if they were dealing with the virus or protests. I did still reach out after 4 months and was basically told to wait a few weeks. However it is nearly 6 months now. Am I expecting too much considering what's been happening? Should I wait more for all the world events to calm down? I don't want to overburden them in these trying times but I'm getting close to where the money I paid will be unrecoverable and it was a pretty large sum for someone in my position... This is my first time ever getting a commission. I did a lot of research, but I feel like none of it matters anymore at this point because everything is changed now. I really don't know how to proceed in this new world in 2020... I need advice on this.
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