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filhotedeleao/Leonel Walbr


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I want to bring up a great artist who I regularly commission for the last 3 years or so. Leonel Walbr's artstyle blends realism with fantasy and the work has been, in my personal opinion, immaculate. They're consistent and thorough with communication in every step of the commission, from sketch phase to finishing. They always informed me whenever a commission had to be delayed, such as due to sickness or other rl matters. I've commissioned many character reference sheets and a few non-sheet artworks from them. I have always been a happy client, and I want other people to see their great work.

Here are some samples of the work they have done for me. Their social media links are below:


Userpage of filhotedeleao -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Leonel Walbr | Facebook

Corazon Ref JPEG by Leonel Walbr.jpg

Titi by Leonel Walbr.jpg

Asem Spirit Fom Ref JPEG by Leonel Walbr.jpg

Victor Size Ref by Leonel Walbr.png

Hair Bun - Lars & Anguis by Leonel Walbr.png

Brandon & Stolz by Leonel Walbr.png

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