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I'm making this write up to be as transparent as possible about an incident that occurred today.  Any member of staff is not exempt from receiving a beware on themselves, and the operating procedures for it is that other mods are supposed to handle the submission.  I received a beware concerning me, and removed it myself.  I also gave them a warning, because I believed them to be bringing what was happening in my email to the site.  The warning has been deleted by me, so I can't recall it for proof.  To put it simply, I thought this person was trolling me and reacted poorly.  I apologize to our readers and members as we ask you to put a lot of trust in us.  The person in question has been censored.

Here is the post submitted to us:



Here is the warning that was given and removed.  Unfortunately the admin panel doesn't have specific times when an action is recent as far as I'm aware.



Here is the full email conversation which started this incident:




This one was a separate chain:





And here is our mod chat concerning me acknowledging that I broke protocol.




Lastly a screenshot from Mailbird.  There were a lot of emails, which is why I wasn't sure if this user was attempting to troll me or not.



I assure the community at large that this will not happen again from me.  I'm sorry.

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