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Artist blocked but later refunded after scene way made

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I would like to make a beware of artist post however I DID get in contact with artist after having to make a second account and making a scene and I DID get a refund. Because of this I'm not sure if its okay to do so?

The artist had good communication until I asked for status of art which they then blocked me and continued posting on their twt. I had already paid the commission price. I quickly filed a claim via paypal and then I had to make a second account 'fake' account and basically spam them until I got a reply back. The answer as to why they blocked me bogus "their cousin blocked you". They quickly refunded me via paypal but the fact they blocked me initially and now blocked my 'fake account' is very sketchy. I'm afraid if i didn't take the steps that i did this artist will continue to do so and their next customer will not be as lucky. 

If this does not qualify for and 'artist beware post' I will pursue this no further. 

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  • Administrator

Howdy! This would fall under our "is my situation bewareable" sticky. 

For a short answer: we can't determine whether or not something will pass queue until it is before us with full proof and context. 


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