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The site has had some issues in the past 48/ 72 hours.  Now everything is resolved, but the default theme is absolutely blinding.  You can change that by going to the bottom and choosing the dark theme.

In short, our automod application was unstable but our web admin kept it in a usable state.  When we updated the site the automod initially worked and we figured everything went smoothly.  But a week later the automod caused the site to essentially lock up.  Anything that called upon the application was in a traffic jam.  Normally this is where I go into the admin panel and disable it, but the automod locked up the admin panel as well. 

As some of you may know our web admin owns FurryLife.Online, and I call him when I've done all I can do.  Thankfully, while juggling FLO's recent surge in users, Alex managed to dig our automod out and restore AB. 

So, may our rogue automod rest in peace.  It's been put out to pasture.  I will more than likely forget that we took it out to pasture and keep trying to summon it for a while.

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