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Around February I commissioned someone to do a writing piece for me as my own work load meant I was too busy. I paid them $40 and due to a error on my part sent it via friends and family.

YES, I know that was stupid but I had clicked it by accident due to multitasking and had pressed pay before I realised. However since I had commissioned them in the past I kind of shrugged it off.

A month goes by and nothing so I message. Apparently they had forgotten and to give them a week. I'm pretty sure everyone knows the gist of where this goes.

They are still taking commissions and I have messaged twice. The first response was 'I'm p**s poor at time management and...I'm actually not fond of writing the period you want.'

I say fine and ask for a refund, only to be told they are low on income despite the fact they are looking to commission someone for artwork.

The last contact I had was offering to refund half my money when they had it. That doesn't really seem reasonable to me since no work was done. I am currently going through my bank to get it back but I wondered if it was worth posting a beware?

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  • Administrator

That would be up for you to decide if your money is worth it to you.  Not the community at large.  It fits within our submission guidelines, so if you want to pursue it then the option is there.

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