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  • BEWARE: Cocoafloof, Aw00saka & Others

    • Who: CocoaFloof, aw00saka, BiiYrd, @deactivatetis, UnluckyRNG#3303, AnimyalNoIsEs#4442
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/biiyrd/
      When: 07/22/2020
      What: Other (Explain Below)
      NSFW Content

    I was approached by the user BiiYrd on furaffinity  on May 2nd, 2021 who sold me this character on July 22nd, 2020  and wanted to buy them back Which I declined on many times, after declining their offers of other characters or money BiiYrd/AnimyalNoIsEs
    #4442 as we spoke on discord they decided to inform me it was "illegally" sold to myself "Imply" and that the original owner wanted it back.  I asked for the users name which they wouldn't provide but eventually they added me "UnluckyRNG#3303".  I Clarified with The original designer ZerOlativity that this user was indeed "CoCoaFloof" the original owner .

    However ZerOlativity also stated that UnluckyRNG#3303/CoCoaFloof sold this adopt 23rd of july 2020, I personally have notes and a paypal invoice purchasing this character from BiiYrd@FA on that date. When making the purchase I asked for confirmation of ownership and for them to inform the seller ZerOlativity.   BiiYrd@FA Had stated that CocoaFloof was indeed them and that they had confirmation with ZerOlativity, that they user another handle for twitter.

    At the time of the situation my anxiety had peaked and I did not have a folder of evidence that I have back tracked and gotten after the matter occurred.  During conversation I noticed that the users AnimyalNoIsEs#4442 and UnluckyRNG#3303 never spoke at the same time with delays typical of switching log ins, it was a suspicion but over time I fell for the false sale and agreed to a pay out for the situation to be fixed so I wouldn't be at a loss. Despite this 100% wanted to keep the character but after being convinced it was a false original sale I felt obligated.

    on May 5th I opened my paypal to see a negative balance of $158 AUD ($128 USD) The price sent as  the payout/fix plus the fee from paypal, After investigation I found that the same day May 2nd it was sent they also reported it as a false payment/charge and put a ticket in unaware to myself until to late. This caused for the evidence digging which uncovered all the userdames all linked by the paypal  "4llen4andrew@gmail.com".  This paypal was the one who received the original purchase funds of character sale,  that both paid and claimed back the "fix funds" of $128 usd and then later confirmed by an artists who wishes to remain anon that paid for commissions from usernames  aw00saka and @Deactivatetis both usernames who askes to be referred as "CocoaFloof".    In the end of all these users and handles the one thing linking them all is the paypal "4llen4andrew@gmail.com" with confirmation of two respected artists and screenshot evidence.

    • Clarity of ownership
    • Providing my paypal
    • receipt sending "BiiYrrd" Purchase amount to  "4llen4andrew@gmail.com"
    • asking to buy back 
    • Telling me it was stolen after I declined offers, I asked why they wanted him back.
    • UnluckyRNG#3303 made contact, they were pushing me to delete things while AnimyalNoIsEs was un responsive. When AnimyalNoIsEs finally came back when I stopped talking with UnluckyRNG#3303 I eventually got paid the agreed "fix" price and given @Deactivatetis as the new handle.
    • when I woke up to minus funds and found the charge back made the same day.   "4llen4andrew@gmail.com"
    • After seeing a submission from anon artist after this incident I politely contacted them to ask who the username was that purchased it due to all accounts I had contact recently being deactivated they state aw00saka @Furaffinity is and that they paid with "4llen4andrew@gmail.com" paypal. The specifically asked to be listed as "CocoaFloof" on this character and had originally used a different oc but requested a change to mine May 12th.
    • They later come back and state @Deactivatetis on twitter has in the past purchased work and used "This is for my friend"  aw00saka @Furaffinity but also paid with "4llen4andrew@gmail.com"
    • Screenshot of Zer0 confirming that  UnluckyRNG#3303 is "CocoaFloof" the original buyer and stating they were told it had been sold on July 22nd,
    • character that this topic involves.




    buy evidence 2.png




    paypal evidence 1.png



    discord evidence4.png


    User Feedback

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    Staff has been provided proof linking these accounts to this sole paypal address from other parties who have had business dealings with this user under the listed aliases in the post.

    Due to the circumstances of this situation, the paypal address relating to this individual will be presented publicly, but their legal name will remain censored.

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