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  • Beware: Garyolah7

    • Who: Garyolah7
      Where: https://twitter.com/GartexStorm
      Discord: Garyolah7
      When: 03/31/2024
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    Message added by James,

    This client's Twitter contains retweets of art of characters that are in high school or of ambiguous age in adult/ sexual situations. Please proceed with caution if you visit their Twitter.

    A client named Garyolah7 didn't pay me after I finish the commission




    So I do the WIP, although I hardly understand what the client want





    Some day later, the client suddenly want naked variation as well



    The client didn't pay me after I almost done, and instant block me.


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    This “client” if you can call them that was super rude despite you working with their vague description. I’m sorry you worked so hard on something only to get ghosted. 

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